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Small Bathroom renovations liverpool

Do not let size hold you back, its a consistent message stretching back to the biblical story of David vs Goliath ! Which is what the task of renovating or trying to create a bathroom in a small space can feel like.

Do not fear, its easy to get over whelmed. looking through site after site trying to find something that matches the bathroom you saw on Pintrest. We are going to breakdown a few methods we use when assessing a small bathroom renovation project.

The most important thing to do first, is to draw what your bathroom looks like currently. all you need to do is measure the walls. grab yourself a pen and paper and get your art on. draw yourself a not to scale drawing, but keep it precise. something like - 5 cm = 1m.

You'll end up with something like that, if you have one of the big bathrooms you are on the wrong blog post and high tail your self over to the renovating large bathrooms blog post here !

Now you have your small bathroom drawing laid out from a top down perspective you can being to play with the design and start thinking a bit outside the box. first look up back at these floor plans, you will notice them are pretty much the same shape. So being my thinking how you could move your furniture to better suit the room. rotating a bath can free up huge amounts of room space without much plumbing work !

Doors can be moved. you can become fixated on a layout and it seems impossible when someone suggests moving a door, even moving a door 20cm can allow for a toilet to be moved meaning a bath can be pushed around, giving enough space for a walk in shower ?

People are usually limited by the skills of the designer. leaving your bathroom design up to a builder isn't the best idea. the technical abilities do not transfer over to bathroom flow and optimizing layout and usually work with one supplier so layout is limited to stock. Our team consists of an interior designer, quantity surveyor and four builders. The arguments in the office between design dreams and reality are raucous and result in the designer getting their own way 9/10 times. but it is this willing to push forward that sets us apart from generic bathroom remodeling services in Liverpool.

Do you really need a bath ? because walk in showers are prettier and more environmentally friendly. you can easily offset your guilty of not being vegan by getting a shower instead. but seriously this bathroom is 2m x 0.8.

Yeah, a lot of elbows where damaged in the creating of that bathroom, but the results speak for themselves.the entire floor is on an angle so there is no need for a shower screen to break up your line of sight, giving the bathroom a much wider feel. most importantly this bathroom was created in a absolute tiny space where it was needed most.

Tiles play a pivotal role in a bathroom space and choosing the right tile and style is can make or break a bathroom renovation. check out of next post on small bathroom tile choices to see some of the ideas we use when planning a small bathroom renovation !

if you are in need of bathroom design consultation or would like us to come and check out your bathroom , please do not hesitate to get in contact us.

call the office on - 0151 532 5160

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