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Liverpool Bathrooms and new blogs by T2 Property Solutions! 

Liverpool, is a very proud city. The people hold there head high in each aspect of their lives and this reflects prominently on how house proud people in this great city are !

One way to truly reflect your personal identity, is through the bathroom renovations. There is almost an infinite combination of styles and appliances. To let your personal characteristics shine out and create a space truly unique to you and your home !

We work along side you to create the dream space.

Be it a rolltop bath/walk in shower/ waterfall tap, patterned tiles or led lighting in the floor. These challenges are what makes our job interesting. The challenges presented to use by potential customers and our search to make them in to a reality is what keeps up doing this.

Even though we work hard. Being a smaller independent company and getting out from under the shadow of national giants. Who dominant the market with second rate materials and shoddy workmanship passed on at the lowest possible price to the installer.

So it is out aim this year to get out name out into the Merseyside a bit more. As this is the only area we are willing to service as we have built up an excellent team. It's not about booking in as much work as possible for us it's about keep out standards higher than everyone else's and ensuring each project is done above and beyond the expectation !

I'll be working out a content list for this blog as this post has become a bit convoluted. But the next posts are going to be much more structured and informative !

All the best from every at T² property solutions

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